Josh Marciano - "Your Residence Of Ideality"

It's no secret, Josh Marciano specialize in creating memorable events. Who would have thought that entertainment could be easy? With the skill of J/M, It can be done! Planning any type of events requires a significant amount of time and attention to detail. If you lack the expertise to handle the amount of work involved- FEAR NOT!!

Josh Marciano caters to every need. With years of experience, comes great responsibility as well. Not forgetting J/M have connections to the best home-brand talent available! Plan anything and we'll give you an event that is worth raving about.

Why US? Josh Marciano is Malaysia's latest up and coming event company with access to nearly every party in town, It is just as important to keep everything in perspective and not to go overboard. One piece of advice is at J/M we work smarter and not harder.

We believe that our special events shouldn't be hard for anyone to accommodate. We strive to keep J/M running smoothly and to keep our events fresh and professional. Most of all- we endeavor to do better than one can only imagine.

The company was started by Joshua Wong and Marciano San whom has met a plethora of influential people
in the entertainment industry. They soon got inspired and a new chapter unfolds. JOSH MARCIANO- Let us be
your one stop shop for all your event planning needs and trust us to make your event a memorable ONE!

Our passion is to work side by side with every client from concept to completion. At Josh Marciano we offer a professional approach to all aspects of coordinating your event and making it extraordinary, As part of the team we are committed to providing a comprehensive and successful production and because of this, WE are able to bring any event to a whole new level. We strive to have a reputation as the most dependable event company in the industry.

Our DJ- With spectacular state of the art, disc jocky equipment and an incredible library of music, we truly cater to all your needs and tailor a solution that fits your unique style.After all, a DJ is more than just pushing play- It requires an extensive knowledge of all music genres, being able to listen to your fans and going above and beyond to a make perfect memory.

Our mission is to provide excellent services with an elite touch of elegance. We want to make our events top of the line and guarantee the best only! When it comes to quality, customer services and professionalism, JOSH MARCIANO trust that you will let us to be apart of that special day.

What seems to be a lot for you is much easier for US. Josh Marciano is where OUR first priority is YOU! "Make it happen today"